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Top rated solar phone chargers and battery packs for your next outdoor adventure

Have you been there? You’re out on a hike enjoying the scenery and you come across an amazing view. You instinctively reach into your pack to grab your phone because…

Have you been there? You’re out on a hike enjoying the scenery and you come across an amazing view. You instinctively reach into your pack to grab your phone because you’ve simply got to get this picture and your phone is dead. Great, now what? Now you can’t get that great picture but worse if something goes wrong, you get lost, injured or need help for some reason, you no longer have a phone.

What you need is power. What if there was an endless source of energy that was always available and was free to use. Well guess what, there is, it’s called the sun. Below are the top rated solar chargers and battery packs that you can take on your hike so you never miss that amazing picture.

AKEEM Portable External Battery Power Bank and Solar Charger

This power bank from AKEEM has a 5 star rating on Amazon and costs less than $40 at the time of this writing.

The true power in this device is the battery capacity. It can charge your iPhone 8 or X up to 8 times before you have to recharge the battery and you can charge up to 3 different devices at the same time. It has a dual input port so you can charge the battery with your Android or iPhone cord, no extra cable is needed.

The solar charging capability is not great but really will only be used in emergency situations when the battery is fully depleted.

What people are saying:
“Great battery pack with plenty of options to charge.”
“Charge 3 things at once!”
“This power brick is a real power storehouse.”

So with a large capacity battery, the ability to charge 3 devices at once, dual input ports so you don’t need a special cord to charge it, the ability to recharge the battery with the built in solar panel and a price tag under $40 you can’t go wrong with the AKEEM Portable External Battery Power Bank.

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Kogalla SSB2210 Solar Storage Bank

If you’re going to be in the backcountry for several days then the Kogalla Solar Storage Bank may be your best choice. Strap this solar array on your pack and it will store the energy of the sun all day long. Plug your phone into it at night and have a freshly recharged phone in the morning. Spending the day in camp? No problem, lay your portable solar array out on some rocks or hang it from a tree and it will collect power for you even in low light or overcast conditions.

The water resistant design is ready for use right out of the box, just expose it to the sun and you’re collecting power.

One feature that users really like is that it doesn’t need to be reset if you lose sunlight for a period of time. Once the sun returns it will simply start charging again.

What people are saying:
“Love my Kogalla!!!”
“My best Go-To re-charging device!”
“Well worth the investment!”

At a cost of about $150, the Kogalla Solar Storage Bank isn’t necessarily cheap but if you’re planning an extended stay in the outdoors combined with the ease of use, this may become your go-to device for keeping your phone topped off.

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WBPINE Solar Power Bank

It’s a battery, it’s a solar charger, it’s both! The WBPINE Solar Power Bank is much like the AKEEM battery pack with it’s battery capacity and the ability to recharge your phone several times over but it also has more solar charging power with it’s built in solar array.

Coming in at just under $50 this charger is perfect for the weekend camping trip or the frequent traveller where the availability to power may not always be an option. Hang it from your pack or set it up in camp and it will charge all day long. It also comes with a handy flash light and a micro-USB cable for charging and can charge up to two devices at once via two USB ports. The rugged waterproof design helps to keep the water and dust out.

What people are saying:
“Perfect Size and weight for travel”
“Solar Charger – one of a kind”
“The battery was huge and the case was very nice”

A huge battery and three panel solar array make the WBPINE Solar Power Bank a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and travelers.

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AUKEY 21W Solar Charger with SunPower Solar Panels

Strap this lightweight solar array on your pack and charge your phone or secondary backup battery while you enjoy the trail. Set it up in camp to quickly top off the charge on up to two devices at once.

With three huge solar panels the AUKEY 21W Solar Charger will charge your devices as you go. Unlike the other chargers on this list the AUKEY Solar Charger does not have a battery so it will not store power for charging later. The benefit to not having a battery is you don’t have to carry a big heavy battery and for those who spend a lot of time in the backcountry, any weight savings is worth it.

What people are saying:
“A great solar panel that works even with the Sun at an angle”
“Awesome buy”
“That thing is tough!”

The AUKEY 21W Solar Charger is a lightweight and durable source power on those long days on the trail, at the beach or anywhere outdoors. It comes with 4 grommets and carabiners so it can easily attach to you pack and also includes a stand for use in camp.

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